Avv. Valentina Magrin




High-school Diploma in classical studies (Liceo Classico “D.Alighieri” Gorizia)(54/60)

Degree in Law (Università degli Studi di Trieste)

Thesis in Commercial Law “Exception for non-fulfilment and exclusion of an associate for a just cause” (110/110 cum laude)



Admitted to the Court and registered at Bar Association (Ordine degli Avvocati) of Gorizia (2006)


Practice Areas

Civil Law:

I) Family, inheritance and asset protection law

II) Insolvency and bankruptcy procedure law

III) Real estate and condominium law

IV) Employment and social security law

Judicial assistance in labor relations (mobbing) and social security resources

Legal advice and training in the field of jobsite health and safety


Lifelong Learning

Specialized course “The latest novelties regarding family and minor law” IPSOA/2006

Conference: “Reflections of canonical jurisdiction in Italian separation and divorce rules”/Gorizia 2008

Conference: “Separation and divorce: aspects linked to the death of the obligor” Trieste 2008

Conference: “Fiscal profiles of separation and divorce”, Trieste 2008

Conference: “Rights of adoption” Gorizia 2012

Conference: “Hereditary division: substantial and trial questions, and critical factors” Padua 2010

Course: “Bankruptcy law” Udine 2012

Conference: “The new bankruptcy law”, Trieste 2010

Conference: “Current condominial issues”, Trieste 2008

Conference “The accomplishment of condominial obligations” Trieste 2010

Conference: “Real rights and condominiums: procedural problems and obligatory mediaconciliation”, Trieste 2012

Conference: “Lawyers in mediation. Techniques of mediation, evaluation of the parties’ interests and legal ethics profiles”, Trieste 2012


Languages spoken


Via XXIV Maggio nr. 14
34077 Ronchi dei Legionari (GO)
Tel: +39 0481 474993
Fax: +39 0481 476750
Insurance policy:
UGF Assicurazioni n. 50789743

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